St. Mary’s Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church Switzerland

"The plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations." (Psalm 33:11)

Migration of Syrian Jacobite faithful to Switzerland began in the late 1970s. The pioneers, though very few in number kept in touch with one another and were very passionate about preserving their faith and cultural identity. As a result of their consistent efforts the first Holy Qurbana was celebrated by Rev. Dr. Joseph Maramkandom in March 1991 in Basel for the first time. Thereafter, Achan came to Switzerland a few occasions and celebrated Holy Qurbana but still there was no congregation formed. In August 1992, our Catholicose (then H.E. Mor Divanasios Thomas, Metropolitan of Angamaly Diocese) came to Switzerland and celebrated Holy Qurbana. It is a mere example of His extra-ordinary vision that H. E. gifted us a Tabaleetha, an Achu and a Thaksa so that if any Priest visit Switzerland can celebrate Holy Qurbana without any difficulty. In due course, Deacon Eldose Kavungampillil came to London for higher studies and he took the initiative to conduct prayer meetings in Switzerland. He got ordained as Priest in September 1994 and, in Europe, celebrated the first Holy Qurbana in Switzerland. In November 1994 H.G. Late Mor Osthathious Benyamin visited Switzerland and after the Holy Qurbana H. G. declared the prayer group as a Congregation and named as St. Mary´s Syrian Orthodox Congregation Switzerland.

The new millennium witnessed and influx of more families arrived from Vienna added extra spirit to everyone. With the limited resources, the Congregation showed great determination and took challenges to achieve different goals. In November 2003 our Congregation has got registered with ecumenical organisation AGCK, the largest Christian Association in Switzerland and also became a permanent member in AGOCK. In 2004 we were blessed with a new leadership H.E. Dr. Mor Theophilose Kuriakose, a very efficient organiser and an unwavering personality, H. E. is a shining example of someone who can stay calm and composed with eyes fixed right on the target even in times of turbulence

The same year the Congregation have celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Holy Trimass was celebrated followed by an ecumenical meeting and cultural programmes. A souvenir was also published marking the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the Congregation. On the same Day the congregation was raised to the status of a Parish by Catholicose H.B. Baselios Thomas I named as St. Mary´s Malankara Syrian Orhodox Church Switzerland and Fr. Eldose Kauvungumpillil was appointed as the first vicar of the Parish.

In December 2005, the Bishop appointed Rev. Fr. Jomy Joseph (now H.E. Dr. Mor Anthimos Matthews) as the Vicar of the Parish. The appointment and arrival of Fr. Jomy was a major step toward the growth of the Parish.

In February 2011, Rev. Fr. Prince Mannathoor was appointed as the vicar and served the community with full dedication for few years. And in October 2013, Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Kollannoor took charge as the vicar of the Parish and served the parish for another 6 years.

In August 2019, H. E. appointed Rev. Fr. Paul Punnackal George as the Vicar of the Church and is serving the parish till today. In between the Church celebrated its Silver Jubilee in the auspicious of H.E. Mor Theophilose Kuriakose, and the celebrations was associated with Holy Trimass, an Ecumenical Gathering and the formation of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church Youth Association European Chapter.

The parish is gathering once in a month (third Sunday) for Holy Qurbana and has a regular prayer meeting for the spiritual enhancement of the community. Besides the activities of Sunday School, Youth Association and Vanitha Samajam are praiseworthy. The parish is also engaging in several social activities for the benefit of the needy.

Position Name
Vicar / President Rev. Fr. Paul Punnackal George
Vice President Mr.Reji John
Secretary Mr.Thomas Joy
Treassure Mr.Bob Thadathil
Committee Members Mrs. Lissy Monzee
Mrs. Aleyamma Mathew
Mr. Janten Avirachan
Diocese Council Members Mr. Avirachan Kanjirakkattu
Mr. Thomas Mathew

St. Mary’s Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church
Schlossrainstrasse 7,
5013 Niedergösgen, Switzerland
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Managing Committee 2020-21

Vicar / President

Rev. Fr. Paul George


Mr. Thomas Joy

Vice President

Mr. Reji John


Mr. Bob Thadathil

Committee Member

Mrs. Lissy Monzee

Committee Member

Mrs. Aleyamma Mathew

Committee Member

Mr. Janten Avirachan

Diocese Council Member

Mr. Avirachan Kanjirakkattu

Diocese Council Member

Mr. Thomas Mathew